Bullying Awareness and Prevention for Educators

Learn how to identify, interrupt and remediate patterns of bullying.

Bullying is 100% preventable. Yet, children all over the world continue to be victims of this growing public health crisis. Invite ICBYK to provide education and tangible solutions to eradicate bullying in your school environment.


Saving Kids From The Trauma of Bullying Starts With You!

The Secret Responsibility of Educators

As if educators don't already have enough to do. Now, keeping children physically and emotionally safe is at the forefront of educator responsibility. At It Could Be Your Kid, we understand the frustration and feelings of inadequacy born out of increased responsibility often presented without increased resources. We will teach you how to recognize, prevent and remediate bullying behavior without increasing your workload or the need for additional resources. We will provide real life, actionable strategies for you to implement on day 1 or day 91 that will improve the culture and climate of your school building.

Everyone's Kids... Your Responsibility. How to Prevent Bullying and Build Empathy.

Classroom Teachers and Staff

I've never met a teacher who didn't call their students "my kids". So, it's second nature to protect them, because you think of them like your own from the start. Still, it can be difficult to identify all respective needs because of the ever increasing workload and diverse needs of students. This program will help you recognize and transform power imbalances that breed bullying into empowered empathy for all. We will also help teachers and staff identify school community blindspots that are prime for bullying behavior.

Is Your Leadership Style Promoting or Denouncing Bullying Behavior?


The stakes are high and everything matters. The school district and/or individual school buildings are counting on you to make the best decisions for everyone everyday. But is your focus on meeting goals intersecting or crashing with the social emotional health of the community? The best teammates are happy, valued, empowered ones. How are you cultivating a community of inclusion, kindness and appreciation? With a focus on building a community of upstanders, this program centers on personal and professional reflection in leadership.

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