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ICBYK Kid's Club

Where Everyone Is Welcome

Finding "your people" is sometimes difficult even for adults. It can be especially difficult for children as they navigate social interactions. Particularly at school where the primary focus is on education; not building relationships and self esteem. An ICBYK Kid's Club membership will impact your child's capacity for empathy, increase their understanding of bullying,  provide your child with opportunities to meet other children, engage in new experiences and learn more about themselves and others while growing lifelong relationships.


Safe Spaces

We're Glad You're Here

Often our children need an environment to simply BE themselves. Children of all ages want to be reassured and accepted. We will provide a safe, nurturing environment for your children to simply be, where the primary goals are empathy, acceptance and inclusion.

Community Outreach

Doing What’s Needed

We will work in local communities to spread compassion and exercise empathy. Think of how great it feels to see kindness in action. Your child will be an empathy influencer as we demonstrate to others the change we want to see in the world.

Reflection, Mindfulness & Self Esteem

Reaching the Heart

Our children need to be fortified from the inside out. Before value can be appreciated by someone else; we must find it with in. We will engage in exercises that promote personal reflection and self-awareness. Questions: Who am I? Would I choose myself as a friend? How do I become the person I seek? What are my best qualities? You will watch your child be enriched as a result of their involvement.

Education Is Key

Knowledge is Power

In all things, education is key. At ICBYK we want to empower children with age appropriate information related to bullying, communication and self awareness. Watch as your child becomes better informed about bullying and other social issues affecting children. Your child will be exposed to facts and statistics about bullying and prevention techniques. They will also learn what it means to be an upstander instead of a bystander.


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